Wild Wit

White Ale aged in Premium Burgundy Barrels

(5.5% ABV)

The Wild Wit is a white ale that took up residence in some of our Burgundy barrels from France and absolutely loved it in there. For 3 years, this White Ale (made with bitter orange peel & coriander originally) has been allowed to spontaneously ferment and mature with an extended maturation stage to deliver a soft wit-style ale coupled with rounded toasty oak character.

The Wild Wit was a pleasure to create from the first filling of the barrels to bottling this beauty, it has developed into a more mature take on a style best known for sud-swirling in volume in Central Europe. Its wonderfuly soft and has some rough edges that adds to its appeal.

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief mop operator)

Created in 2016

Food Pairings: Seafood, white meats & nuts

Recommended temperature
3-4 oC

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