Wild Tripelle

100% Spontaneously Fermented Wild Ale

(8.0% ABV)

Wild Tripelle is a 100% Spontaneously Fermented Wild Ale and our first foray into spontaneous brewing at our unique site in Alphington Melbourne. Loosely modelled on a Belgian Tripel-style ale, the Wild Tripelle was left for months in our open tank to fend for itself whilst being exposed to our brewery’s resident microflora and the results are uniquely La Sirene with that characteristic aged citrus and acid-forward profile one would come to expect.


The Wild Tripelle was the beginning of our journey into the world of Spontaneous Brewing and opened up a whole new world for us here at La Sirene. From the first experiment we did, we knew this was going to be something special. It took alot of ‘hands off’ work to let this develop into what it is today.. beautiful… 

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

Created in 2014

Food Pairings: nearly everything





Glass type - glass Recommended temperature
6 oC

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