Vin Folie Chambourcin

Oak-aged Wild Ale with Chambourcin grapes - Solera Method

(7.6% ABV)

Vin Folie is our annual series where we source premium parcels of red grapes from local vineyards and use them in the creation of our wine-beer hybrids. La Sirene was one of the first brewers to play with grapes in beer back in 2012 and this time round we sourced a lovely parcel of Chambourcin grapes – the not so known grape is a Franco-American varietal that typically is used for blending however our chief brewer Costa – an ex winemaker himself had a vision for these grapes on their own and decided to work them in to create this acid-forward almost Pet Nat-style wine-beer hybrid.

Being an ex winemaker, I guess you could say I never wanted to totally leave the craft, so I didn’t and instead continue to have a foot in both camps when making these hybrids. The Vin Folie Chambourcin certainly has held its own in this hybrid, in fact It has shone brighter than previous versions of Vin Folie at some level. The crunchy acidity and juicy juicy fruit character has made this one to remember!

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

Created in 2018

Food Pairings: use it instead of rose, sparkling rose or sparkling natural wine in pairings.

Glass type - glass Recommended temperature
6 oC

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