The Beginning

Coolship Wild Ale

(6.0% ABV)

THE BEGINNING is a 100% spontaneously fermented Coolship Wild Ale created in our authentic Coolship (koelschip). In the spirit of tradition, we allow the wort made with 60% barley & 40% raw wheat to naturally cool overnight in our Coolship (purchased back in 2015 – First in Australia). using only aged hop flowers for protection. Nature is driving this one and brings to us the wonderful natural microflora from the adjacent Darebin Parklands (Melbourne’s largest Urban Parklands) to allow us to create a truly artisan ale with a sense of place & time.

The Beginning is the first release in our Coolship Collection and represents a young spontaneous ale that should be drunk young and set the tone of Spontaneous brewing in Australia. Making ales using this age-old technique challenges everything we are taught as brewers by relinquishing control and giving it back to nature. The results can be spectacular and the beginning along with the rest of the Coolship collection ultimately is the most expressive of our artisan ales that reflects the personality of our site.

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

Created in 2018

Glass type - glass Recommended temperature
5 oC

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