Farmhouse Table Ale

(3.4% ABV)

Our Saisonette (little saison) weighs in at a lovely 3.4% ABV and represents our Provision beer that was originally born out of a need for sustenance & hydration during the 18th century in Western Europe. Made with only water, grains, hops & our house yeast, this rustic yet simple beer always impresses no matter what the occasion. Its sheer refreshment factor coupled with the lower alcohol ensures this is a house fave amongst our team!

This is an absolute favourite for us at the brewery, we actually created it purely for our own selfish reasons back in 2010.. As modern day Saisonniers, we like to drink whilst we work, in moderation of course! and our Saisonette ticks all the boxes of what we want from an everyday beer. Sante!

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

Created in 2010

Food pairings: Everything


2015 Australian International
Beer Awards – Bronze.
2017 International Beer Awards Japan – Silver

Farmhouse Table Ale

Glass type - goblet Recommended temperature
3-4 oC

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