Our award-winning Classic Saison is a rustic Farmhouse Ale that expresses a sense of place, time & season. We Open-ferment this Farmhouse Ale which allows airborne indigenous wild yeast & bacteria to partake in the fermentation. After allowing the Saison to naturally ferment at its own pace, we then take it strictly to French oak barriques where it undergoes a secondary slower fermentation and maturation where the complex flavours & sourness aspects develop. This artisan ale is then blended to taste from various barrels in our House style and is 100% bottle re-fermented for up to 3 months for a Champagne-like finish.

This is our most beloved ale in the La Sirene range as it reflects the personality of our unique site microbially. The Saison with its volumous head displays high notes of apricot & guava and has a rich spicy mouthfeel that finishes dry yet refreshing. When young this ale has fresh hop aromatics however when aged tends to display more yeast-forward characters such as wet hay and barnyard.

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

Created in 2009

Food pairings: seafood, white meat, salads & French soft cheeses


2014 CBIA Best in Class French
& Belgian style.
2014 Top 100 beers #4 –
critics choice.
2014 Top 100 beer #56 –
People’s choice.

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