Saison with Alphington Honey & Chamomile flowers

(6.3% ABV)

We are very proud to present Saison De Fleur – a unique Saison that has been fermented with freshly picked Chamomile flowers and local Alphington Honey – honey created literally 20m away from our brewery on the edge of the Darebin Parklands.

Every year we work with our neighbour Benedict from The Practical Beekeeper who has hives located in and around the Darebin Parklands to produce the Saison de Fleur. This years’ Alphington-created honey is super floral and has elevated sweet notes that we are digging right now. Having access to freshly made honey that has its own terroir is right up our alley especially so close to our brewery. Combining our star honey ingredient with locally-grown Chamomile flowers, locally malted Barley & Wheat along with local hops and our mixed native culture, Saison de Fleur is a harmonious example of the embodiment of Modern Farmhouse Brewing!

Fermented with our Victorian Native Culture and 100% Can Conditioned to give you a fine bead on pouring, our Saison De Fleur is just in time as the cold Melbourne mornings start to fade away and the spring starts to take root.

Who says you have to have a farm to brew Farmhouse beers!

Costa / Founder and Chief-Brewer

Recommended temperature
3-4 oC

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