Reserve Saison

Barrel-Aged Vintage Saison.

(7.0% ABV)

Reserve Saison represents a  blend of our most favourite barrels of Saison from a specific year. Every year we make hundreds of barrels of Saison each with its own flavour & aroma thumbprint that identifies them. The Reserve Saison is our opportunity to take the best barrels made in that year and create something complex that showcases the diversity in our barrel stocks.

This years Reserve Saison is a wonderful blend that very much displays a finesse that reminds me of classic Australian Chardonnay. This coupled with a minerality that we love here at LS makes the Reserve our most special Saison.

Costa Nikias – Founder & Chief mop operator

Created in 2017

Food Pairings: seafood & asian dishes

Glass type - glass Recommended temperature
4 oC

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