Certified Organic

(5.0% ABV)


We present NATURAL PILSNER our rustic style Pilsner made with organic malts & hops and Certified Organic.

Our Natural Pilsner was brewed in January in a Bohemian-style using Organic Barley & Vienna malts from Voyager Craft Malts and wheat from Whispering Pines Organics. We traditionally Lagered it at 0C for 6 weeks+ to create a smooth mouthfeel with a nice snappy bitterness. We resisted filtering this very simple beer as we felt the filtering process would strip the soft subtleties that the organic ingredients showcase in this lager.

The NATURAL PILSNER is a nod to those traditional Bohemian-style Pilsners made in Bohemia back in the 1700’s when this style was created. NATURAL PILSNER is smooth drinking and crisp, with subtle cereal and grassy notes it is a welcome addition to our Organic Collection.



‘Personally this was the first beer style I fell in love with and the first that I did a deep dive into during brewing school, those many moons ago, so it holds purpose for me as an Artisan Brewer and is the beer that most brewers reach for when needing to recalibrate their palates. After spending 10+ years making complex and multi-layered wild ales, it’s refreshing and gives me balance to be able to get back to basics in my field and create this strikingly simple yet sophisticated beer.’

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

 Created in 2022

Food Pairings: Anything!

Glass type - pot Recommended temperature
3-4 oC

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