Farmhouse Noir

Dark Farmhouse Ale

(6.0% ABV)

The Farmhouse Noir is a Dark Farmhouse Ale that was brewed using Dark Barley malts and naturally soured using our brewery’s own indigenous wild bacteria. Perfect as a refreshing Dark Ale, this naturally fermented and 100% bottle refermented Farmhouse Sour ale has a vibrant sourness and with the dark malt characters, display characters such as fig, dark chocolate with hints of coffee.

The interplay between the premium dark malts with the citrusy characters of the hopping in this Farmhouse Sour Ale together with a bracing acidity ultimately delivers a dark ale experience of a different kind.. sour, fruity & hop-forward.

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

Created in 2016

Food pairings: smoked fish & crispy pork




Glass type - goblet Recommended temperature
5 oC

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