Cuvee Bleu

Chardonnay Co-fermented Wild Ale + Blueberries

(7.5% ABV)

Cuvee Bleu is a wild co-fermented with premium Victorian Chardonnay grapes for 11 months in stainless & oak, then dosed with whole Australian Blueberries for a further 3+ months.

Expect a roller coaster ride of unique wild ale character & sourness along with juicy blueberries to finish this truly special wild ale.

A fruited and naturally soured wild ale at its best. The blueberries were sourced from northern Victoria that go so well with this chardonnay co-fermented hybrid beer/wine creation. I love drinking this with a rich hearty slow-cooked stew to cut through the fat!

Costa Nikias – Founder & Chief Mop Operator

Created in 2018

Glass type - goblet Recommended temperature
3-4 oC

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