Mixed Ferment Wild Ale on Chardonnay Lees

(5.8% ABV)

Our second consecutive collaboration with the iconic Bannockburn Vineyards in Geelong who probably make our favourite Chardonnay in the world!

This year’s collab was also 100% barrel fermented in premium French Oak 500L casks on our brewery floor during the cooling of the remaining summer back in late Feb and leveraged the seasonal narrative played by both winemaker & wild ale brewer in this case to allow for  a full and vibrant fermentation. The result is a spectacular melding of Bannockburns’ natural vineyard microflora from Bannockburn in Geelong along with our native airborne culture from right here in Alphington like has never been seen before.


Our 2021 collaboration was modelled upon our 2019 collab which if you managed to get your hands on, is in our top 3 Wild Ales from that year. The sheer wild yeast complexity in that wild ale was near perfection in my books. The 2021 Convergence is along the same lines however with more balance in honouring the wild ale to wine ratio. There is a soft yet lingering mouthfeel that has recognisable notes of Chardonnay with a kiss of oak and finishes wonderfully dry and long. Working with Matt and the team is always inspiring and is a friendship that is forged in the pursuit of a deeper understanding of our respective crafts.

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

Created in 2019

Glass type - goblet Recommended temperature
3-4 oC

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