Citray Sour

Sour Farmhouse Ale + Oranges

(4.5% ABV)

Citray Sour is a refreshing Citrus-infused Farmhouse Sour made with our House yeast that showcases fresh local Victorian grown Citrus against a unique base Farmhouse Ale. Initially the heady Citrus aromatics transport you to an orange orchard that then gives way to a welcomed acidity (courtesy of our natural souring process and our own strain of bacteria) that finishes dry, citrusy & refreshingly tart. The perfect companion for outdoors. We only make what we need of this Citrus Farmhouse Sour each month to ensure you enjoy it fresh as we intended, as Fresh Is Best!



The Citray is a vibrantly soured and citrused Farmhouse Ale that as the name suggests is a ray of Citrus flavours & complexities. The rich mouthfeel and natural sourness against the pungency of the citrus makes this canned ale one to reach for a footpath-melting hot day by the pool, Citray for All!

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)


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