Coolship Wild Ale - 3 Year

(5.5% ABV)

AGE & BEAUTY  (third release in our Coolship Collection is a 100% spontaneous wild ale created in our authentic Coolship with native wild yeast brought in by the cool night air from the 130+ Acres Darebin Parklands next door to our brewery. Allowed to age & ripen in French oak barrels for 36 months then carefully blended. This wild ale is a true snapshot of time, place & season.


“The anticipation of how this authentic wild ale would develop has kept me intrigued and engaged over the last 3 years and it is with great pleasure that we announce  – it has exceeded our expectations in the complexity & balance stakes.

This True Wild Ale is displaying Nature at her best, showing the perfection she effortlessly delivers when allowed to fully express herself without any brewer interference. I say ‘she’ as there is an elegance and sophistication in this wild ale that is undoubtedly feminine yet has a powerful mid-palate reminiscent of our 2-year Coolship (Time & Place).

Being next to the 130 acres of protected parklands (Darebin Parklands) with all its wonderful biological & microbial diversity is really what we are celebrating here. Back in mid-2017, we brewed the wort for this wonder on a cold winters’ evening where temperatures were hovering at about 3 degrees Celcius with a northerly wind direction & speeds of about 8 knots – just enough to bring in a microbial snapshot of the parklands and layer it liberally over our freshly made (100 degrees Celcius) hot wort. Watching this happen in a steamy environment on a cold winter’s evening is mesmerising to say the least.. it never gets boring watching this process 5 years into creating Coolship Wild Ales here at our current site!”

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

Created in 2017 – 1st released in 2020

Coolship Wild Ale – 3 Year

Glass type - goblet Recommended temperature
5-6 oC

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