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27 Jan 2020

We are excited in this post to share with you the latest developments in our Classic Collection range of artisan ales. As you may know, we have been making our Classic range of ales since our inception back in 2010, with our Saison being the first born and the one that has steered the direction of our brewery ever since. We have spent the last decade making these beers with the focus being on our house yeast and its nuances under different environmental conditions. We have extended this to open fermentation, spontaneous fermentation, barrel-ageing, barrel fermenting & other similar techniques to draw out the uniqueness of our site and the nature of our site-specific microflora.

We are happy to report that the trials we have done over the last 10 years in exploring this further (this is how long it takes to understand the effect of barrel-ageing in ales in our opinion) has resulted in our classic range now having the inclusion of open fermentation, barrel-ageing & maturation as standard. The inclusion of these new techniques has added a depth of character that truly reflects the personality of our site in our classic range and also has allowed us to work with the seasons to influence the creation of our bottled classics in a very authentic way that points to the historical origins of these idiosyncratic styles.

Supporting a new look and with the inclusion of these time-honoured techniques, we encourage you to revisit our classic range that includes Saison, Farmhouse Red, Praline, Paradoxe, Wild Saison & Farmhouse Noir.


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Costa – (Founder & Chief)

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