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As our first blog entry, we wish to welcome you to our world, a world where creativity, inspiration & integrity is echoed through our walls and a world where supporting one another in the spirit of creation is our natural compass. Through this blog, we will provide a glimpse of who we are as people, the way we roll and why we do the things we do.

Firstly we wish to welcome you to the pillars of our team.

Costa – Founder & Chief Artisan

Costa found his way into creating Artisan Ales from the wine world. After studying Winemaking & Viticulture in South Australia and numerous vintages for one of Australia’s most respected pinot producers in the Gippsland region, he gravitated to the wonderful world of Farmhouse & Wild Ales. His vision and drive in the creation of La Sirene back in 2010 and earlier has been a journey not carved out by business plans, spreadsheets or ‘market drivers’ but a more humble approach to just believing in yourself to become a modern-day craftsman. He is our chief who steers the La Sirene ship on her voyage and doubles as maintenance engineer, chief brewer, debt collector, delivery driver, hand bottler & occasionally La Sirene tour guide.

Eva –  Co-founder & Chief in General

Costa’s partner & oracle for all here at La Sirene. Eva has a background in business and finance across diverse industries such as television, advertising and fashion. Eva works closely with Costa to drive the La Sirene ship (ships best mate perhaps) and ensures our culture is authentic, vibrant & progressive.

Will – Brewery Ambassador & Certified Cicerone

Will Mac is our point man out in the trade and has spent years understanding and showcasing the flavour profiles of our character-filled ales. He is a certified beer sommelier, is an avid cook, has a witty sense of humour and loves all things food & beverage.

Liam – Brewery Technician

Liam, an Alphington native works the brewery floor along with Francis, Jimmy, Sam & Lewis (last 3 all genuine Alphingtoners & Costa (Genuine Adelaidean). He combines a cheeky quintessential Australian humour with his love of art-house films and art in general. He is responsible for driving our production on a day to day basis and doubles as a film critic on most days.

Francis – Brewing Guy

Francis comes to us from DuDu Ciel in Quebec Canada and with him comes some great stories about brewing in Canada. a proud Quebecer and brewer, Francis delivers his dry sense of humour with a strong technical ability and is our most recent addition to the team.

Jed – Deliveries, Logistics & All-rounder

Jed is currently completing his honours thesis in Industrial Design and is our resident cool kat/word on the street guy! he is responsible for ensuring all of our beers are delivered to our customers in prime condition.

Jon – Deliveries & Logistics

Jon is our fellow logistics guy who ensures we are able to get our beer super-fresh to all our peeps when needed. He has the most witty & dry sense of humour, is in 2 bands, is an avid animal lover and loves films (him & Liam could speak for hours about film)

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