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Barrel Aged Wild Ale with Chardonnay – Solera Method

We are excited to announce that our Cuvée de Bois is now available in 375ml bottles (12 bottles per Case) as an exclusive limited run.

Cuvée De Bois started life out as our Cuvée which began as an open fermented Farmhouse Ale made in our house style, that was co-fermented with Victorian “free run” Chardonnay and left to naturally sour for an extended period. Cuvée evolved to become Cuvée De Bois when we felt the finished beer needed some oude (old) Saison and French oak characters to mellow out the vibrancy of the chardonnay free run and give this ale some length. So to the young fermented beer, we blended 2 x selected barriques of 2013 & 2014 Saison that had been barrel fermented and aged on chardonnay lees a modern day ‘Bière De Coupage’ technique where young and old beer is blended. Cuvée De Bois was laid on it’s side to mature and naturally carbonate using indigenous flora for the last 8 months.

We refer to the Solera Method as we did not completely empty the barrels of oude Saison. we blended 30% 2013 Saison in French oak barrique & 45% of 2014 Saison in French Oak barrique to taste, with the barrels being topped up to see another day…

Brewer’s notes:

“A distinctly sour yet layered wine hybrid ale, the Cuvée de Bois’ reminds me how expressive Australian Chardonnay can be when allowed to shine. The naturally building acidity cuts through the green pineapple & papaya skin which is the star of the show in this hybrid ale coupled with the unripe chardonnay top notes. The Oude Saison contribution very much tempers the fruit vibrancy with a kiss of french oak toastiness to round the matter out. For me this hybrid ale resembles the melding of what I love and adore in drinking, delicate & unique farmhouse ales and classic old world chardonnay. Sante!”
– Costa Nikias, Founder & Chief Artisan La Sirène Brewing.

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