New Release: Forêt Sauvage

December 1, 2017 1:51 am Published by

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We are excited to announce that our Forêt Sauvage is now available in 375ml bottles as a super limited run.

Forêt Sauvage literally translating to ‘wild forest’ is our 100% spontaneously fermented Belgian style Tripel Ale that lay to rest in premium French oak for almost 18 months with whole King Valley cherries.

This represents everything that we hold sacred in the world of brewing; allowing our resident indigenous wild yeast & bacteria from within the brewery’s walls & surroundings to naturally innoculate and impart its own personality in this ale. The addition of whole King Valley cherries allowed us to showscase what vibrant fresh fruit can do when combined delicately with a beer made in our house style.

Expect up front acidity courtesy of our indigenous souring bacteria along with a dry aperitif style bitter orange mid-palate that is rounded out with toasted coconut characters from the French oak. This ale displays herbaceous red berry edges that very much provides a depth of flavour somewhat madeira-like, with a silky texture that finishes dry and refreshingly delicate.

Available in all good quality independent liquor outlets by the end of this week!

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